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م.جعفر الصفار

(I have a story with Al-Hussain (peace be upon him

By: Wajdan Al-Shuhani Translated by: m.Jaafer Al-Saffar The mountain of silence collapsed deep down in me and I couldn't be more patient, and started to reveal what is inside of me, Each one of us has a story, mine is the marvel of eternity because it brought me back to life and I’m alive. Life has shut its doors, to bring a lot to the perils of death, but he is Al-Hussain bin Ali (peace be upon them) for there are no shut doors in front of the light of guidance and the ship of survival. Oh, believers, tear off the clothes of despair, write on the wall of the soul, we held on to Hussain(peace be upon him) as we live and life continues. I’m not exaggerating, but out of the experience, Almighty Allah has blessed me with the blessing of faith and being on the path of Ahul-bayat (peace be upon them) but satan doesn't leave the human and doesn't stop whispering to make him live with the delusions of skepticism. And I'm as many of those who satan has whispered to them, every time I moved up the war with Satan becomes more severe, it's a fierce war that many have given up to, and I got scared, as despair may run deep down in me and leads me to defeat and surrender to satan... What do I do? A huge scream shakes the entire universe. Oh Hussain It's the voice of common sense And the pen appears in front of me so I held it without consciousness and wrote some lines of fascinated words that revealed what is inside of me and I included a complaint to Imam Hussain (peace be upon him), and I kept it a secret as a fortress to me of everything that scares me so I was reassured, I started to do this as a habit every time I was in trouble especially after I saw the benefits of what I wrote how many friends have been facing financial troubles and illness So I grab the pen to write line after line and kept it so I saw how their conditions become better after everyone has driven to despair of remission. So this is my story with Al-Hussain (peace be upon him), a story that introduced me to his status with the eye of insight My life has changed and will never be the same today it lives on the ship of Hussain (peace be upon him) and doesn't fear to be drawn because it sees him (peace be upon him) with the eye of insight, not the eye of seeing, that story has brought life back to life because without knowledge of insight life cannot be the same. I’m not of those who visit my lord (Al-Hussain) (peace be upon him) a lot because of the business and the distance, but I ensure to speak to him through those lines that strengthen my connection with him, as if he inspires me, direct me when I make a mistake, the call: ya Hussain comes to fill the universe so I come back and ask forgiveness of my lord. I tried to remain silent and sup the bitterness of concealment, but the echo of the soul’s scream has been heard by every human being and broke with its scream the bars and ascended the pulpit of the truth to announce to the public about a story which is the marvel of eternity. And here we are getting close to Muharram and the lovers of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) will start their story with him. And in the light of this pandemic, a lot of the lovers had been tied up, definitely, Satan would have an attack, my inspiration tells me that the remission will be soon and Satan’s defeat will be announced This year will be different from any other year. And the call Ya Hussain a call of lesson and teardrop. Oh, lovers of Al-Hussain ( peace be upon him) prepare your pens to write your story with Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) in2020. And it may be a year of grief with insight, as it exceeds all kinds of grief.

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